Quality Guarantee

T W O  Y E A R   G U A R A N T E E  

Our watches are for the new generation of nature lovers with style.  Those spirits that love to travel, work from anywhere and are not attached to anything, but stand for their beliefs and care about the wonders of life and nature.

This definition applies for both, men and women, since our watches can be worn by any.   

We assure you that we have taken care of every detail when we designed and manufactured our Natura Watch Collection, so you won't be disappointed with your new watch.

M A T E R I A L S   U S E D 


The all stainless steel 10mm thick case (for us, size do matter!) is made to last. With silver or rose gold brushed finish, it gives the watch its elegance and presence, whether you choose the 38mm or 41mm diameter option, we guarantee your look will turn heads.  


We love leather - and who doesn't -  So for this collection, we have decided to use genuine leather straps in black, navy blue, tan brown and dark brown.  oh, and they're interchangeable!  So you can wear a different strap to match your outfit! 

But don't worry, if you are not into leather that much, we also have the stainless steel mesh strap available in silver and rose gold and soon there will be other styles available. 


The crystal of a watch can be made of a variety of materials.   Depending on the cost of the timepiece, different crystals are used, influencing its price and value.  

Usually, in the luxury watch market, sapphire crystals are a must.  The reason is sapphire crystals are very strong and scratch resistant.  

Well, guess what?  Yes, your Monteverde Watch comes with sapphire crystal!  which is way superior than mineral crystal. 


People are often confused by what water resistant rating of watches really means.  A watch marked 30 meters (or 3 ATM) on the case or case back, doesn't mean in can be submerged to a depth of 30 meters.  The rating refers to the pressure it can withstand but without moving the watch. 

Watches with 3 ATM water resistance are only splashproof.  You will find that most of the watches found out there are only 3 ATM.

So we wanted to give you a better quality watch and make ours 5 ATM!  This means that you will never ever have a problem with rain or washing your hands, and even if you submerge it for smalls periods of time (even though we don't recommend it, specially with leather strap).


The movement is the heart of your watch.  It is very important that its manufacturer is a reliable company.  The best ones are the Swiss and the Japanese movements.  Monteverde Watches are manufactured with Miyota Japanese movement which is very efficient and precise when keeping time.  Miyota is a company own by Citizen Watches, one of the world leading watches manufacturer. 

So about the movement, we've got you covered!

As you can see, we manufacture our watches with the finest materials for its kind.  We are proud of that!  So we decided to give you a two year limited guarantee on your Monteverde watch! 

You don't trust us?  Well, as we have said before, you can also buy it on and with Amazon A to Z guarantee!  

Love you guys!



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