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It all began with the smallest of units, the most insignificant of movements: the flutter of a butterfly.

My little girl had brought home a little cocoon with a butterfly growing inside as a school project. The waiting time was full of questions: how will it look? What will happen next?

Finally, the time we had been patiently waiting for arrived. One day the cocoon popped open and the butterfly was born. She was a beautiful, blue Morphos.

I was impressed. You had to see my baby girl’s shining eyes. She named her butterfly Lola.

We set Lola free, but she did not leave. For almost a month – her whole life – she lived in our garden. Every morning we fed her with fruits and sugar water.

And then it happened… Lola set herself upon our daughter’s hand!

In that instant, we knew we wanted to immortalize that moment, make it last forever. As lasting as time itself. Monteverde Watches was born.



Monteverde Watches is a brand that grounds itself on two main notions: time and nature.

The brand plays with the ambiguity in the meaning of both concepts.

Time can be understood as both the measuring unit – commonly used by artifacts such as watches – as well as the philosophical meaning in which we classify periods, moments, and states of life.

Nature, on the other hand, can be understood as all things not created by man, such as animals, plants, and the environment, as well as the essence of things themselves.

This playful combination of both words refers to the essence of our brand: products that invite to discover all that is related to capturing special moments through time and nature.

Discover the elegance, versatility, uniqueness and permanence of time.

Discover the beauty, transformation, inspiration and vitality of nature.

Discover the nature of time.




Monteverde watchesMonteverde Watches 


The Morpho Butterfly, our brand’s lead lady, is an endangered species because of the exploitation that its beauty attracts. Many other flora and fauna species, in Costa Rica and all over the world, are also endangered because of human irresponsibility.

That is the reason why Monteverde Watches commits to supporting local initiatives in conservation, education and environmental matters with a percentage of its sales proceeds.

Our commitment is permanent. We immortalize the beauty of nature on our watches, so the real stars may stay free in their homes: our forests.

Conservation Initiatives we support:

1. Children's Eternal Rainforest  Link:

2. Save the Frogs  Link: 


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